Pas perdue (Not Lost)

Site-specific project installed in Montréal Central Station, during Passageways, the 2012 edition of Art souterrain.

The Central Station was first built as the heart of the Montreal train network, allowing for connections with many other cities. It later became an important hub for the construction of the underground city, with links to Place Ville-Marie and Place Bonaventure. Today, we can access it by different passageways coming from all directions. The Central Station is not a place where we usually stop; it is a place we go through, to get to many other places. We can walk around it without really seeing it, but it is a structure which itself has seen a story unfold around it. This project proposes to slow down and stop for a moment. A few words written on the ground encourage us to reflect on the place that we are visiting. As we stop, it is possible to look around us, and also to realise that if some details speak to us, others are missing. The words are clues that help us understand where we stand. From both inside and outside, places have different stories to tell.