Historique de Skol commenté
With Sabrina Russo

Historique de Skol 1984-1995 par Yves Théoret,
commentaires de Anne-Marie Proulx et Sabrina Russo

Written by Yves Théoret in 1995 while completing his Masterʼs degree in Museology, and while a member of the Board of directors of Skol, the Historique de Skol 1984-1995 was to be published as part of Skolʼs 10th anniversary festivities in 1996.

Théoretʼs manuscript, finally published in 2011, is accompanied by margin notes written by Skol members Sabrina Russo and Anne-Marie Proulx, giving form to a generational overlap representative of Skol's 27 year existence. The project is introduced in a foreword by Proulx titled “The Story of a Little History.” The publication contains a bibliography dating from 1995, as well as an appendix listing the events and activities of Skol Gallery (1984-1986) and of Centre des arts actuels Skol (1986-1995).

Consult the book on the website of Centre des arts actuels Skol.

Photos: Anne-Marie Proulx

Format : 6.5″ x 9,25″
Cover 6.5″ x 9,25″ with flaps, open 11,75″ x 9,25″ pages
Silkscreened front/back
Interior 60 pages, 2 colours
200 copies
November 2011
ISBN 978-2-922009-15-6

Book design: Uniform

The publication Historique de Skol commenté was edited by Centre des arts actuels Skol and accompanied the group exhibition Sortons les archives/Embracing the Archives presented at Skol from November 4 to December 17, 2011.