Individual Collection

Name Collection. Photos: Guy L'Heureux

Face Collection. Courtesy of the Office for Archival Review. Photos: Sabrina Russo and Karen Zalamea

Individual Collection is the result of a research conducted in the paper archives of Centre des arts actuels Skol. The archives date from 1984 and are kept in many boxes, each one being identified by a programming year.

Searching through one one box at a time, the invididuals found in the archives were isolated from other types of information, resulting in a name collection, and a face collection.

Name Collection

For each box containing a year of Skolʼs history, a list was compiled of every name found in the archives. This list highlights the people who passed through Skol, but also contains the names of people unrelated to the centre. The order of these names, seemingly haphazard and without any formal heirarchy, reflects an unusual process of discovery and allows for unexpected connections between people. Carefully handwritten, each page serves as a memorial and an attempt to connect with all those directly or indirectly linked to Skol.

Face Collection

Every face contained in the archive boxes was isolated and collected. This study revealed that the images in the printed archives do not necessarily correspond to people who contributed to the centre. It results in a collection of unknown faces.

This project was developed as part of the Office for Archival Review (OAR)'s interventions at Centre des arts actuels Skol, from July 14 to August 21, 2009. For more information on the OAR, visit

Installation view. Photo: Guy L'Heureux

Installation view. Photo: Guy L'Heureux