Archipel was built from rocks gathered over a stay of sixty-four days in the Magdalen Islands. Simple rocks, collected on a beach or a shore, strolling day after day. Quite naturally, the project slid into the programming of Songlines. The artist, Proulx, will take advantage of her presence on the Islands during the residency event to continue her collection. In preparation for an upcoming text, she will collect the impressions of the work of artists at work, writing material, like so many rocks slipped into the pocket.

Presented by Admare in conjunction with Le Chant des pistes (Song lines), curated by Caroline Loncol Daigneault, in summer 2016. A conference entitled "Narration on selected stones (gazed at, tasted), by the artist and the geological technician" with Égide Leblanc also took place the day of the opening, on 12 June 2016.

Thanks to the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec for its financial support of the project. Thanks Caroline Loncol Daigneault, Égide Leblanc, Laurène Janowsky, Alphiya Joncas, Admare Art Actuel, Charles-Frédérick Ouellet, Denis Thibeault, François Simard, Frederik Lévesque, Robin Dupuis.