Petits fruits [Berries]
In conversation with Tanya Lalo Penashue
Presented in the exhibition Elles déploient les paysages [They unfold the landscapes], curated by Anne-Sophie Blanchet
Moulin de la Chevrotière, Deschambault, QC
19 June - 2 October 2022

“ With Petits fruits [Berries], Anne-Marie Proulx talks with her friend Tanya Lalo Penashue around memories that link them to the territory. The artist makes her photographs of the territory dialogue with excerpts of their conversations in Innu-aimun and French. Viewers are invited to imagine themselves traveling the territory and keep their ears open for the stories of those who inhabit it. The body of works expresses a desire for listening and dialogue, in order to bring together experiences and cultures despite distance and langage barriers. The exchanges echo the ties that can be forged between orality and memory, as well as between language and the earth that we cross, inhabit and share.” – Anne-Sophie Blanchet, curator (free translation)

Petits fruits is a revisited part of Les falaises se rapprochent.

Prints : VU
Frames : François Simard encadreur
Support with sound : Avatar

Many thanks Tanya Lalo Penashue, Mathias Mark, Léna Penashue, Maryssa Mark Penashue, Céline Béland, Sylvain Ruest, Pascale LeBlanc Lavigne, Marie-Fauve Bélanger, Mathieu Fecteau, Anne-Sophie Blanchet