Presented in the exhibition Shore
with Caroline Gagné and Nadia Myre
curated by Jonathan Watkins and organised by Manif d'art
Canada House, London, UK
19 June - 2 October 2022

Anne-Marie Proulx seeks to re-establish an emotional connection with the land by conceiving it as a living and communicating whole. Prolonged exchanges with friends from the Innu community of Pakuashipi, on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, has tinged her photographic explorations on different territories. For this exhibition Proulx gathered works from various projects and puts one on each wall of the gallery, corresponding to the four cardinal directions and their symbolic potential. As she explains, sharing an animistic vision of the world makes us heedful of its cycles: “East is where the sun is rising, which is a way to reflect on commencements (of the day but by extension also of seasons, of birth). This is where light appears. The snow geese fly in v formation towards the South or North. South is when the sun is at its highest. It is warmth, movements and emotions. West is where the sun sets, it is more difficult to see things but it allows us to see differently, introspectively. North is where we can find the world of spirits, wisdom, knowledge, things that we cannot see but that are still there. And the North makes place for the East, for new commencements, always.

Shore comprises three projects by Canadian artists from the Province of Quebec. Derived from the 2019 Manif d’art, the Quebec City Biennial, curated by Jonathan Watkins, its fundamental proposition asserts humanity as part of the natural order – not against nature – assuming perpetual metamorphosis as a fact of life. As a shoreline is subjected to the ebb and flow of the tides, the art works of Caroline Gagné, Nadia Myre and Anne-Marie Proulx are transformed by changing states and shifting perspectives.

Prints : VU and Version image plus
Frames : François Simard encadreur
Presentation devices : Sylvain Ruest