Les falaises se rapprochent
In conversation with Mathias Mark
Presented in the exhibition Des horizons d'attente
Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
10 February - 19 September 2021

Les falaises se rapprochent, in conversation with Mathias Mark, is an installation comprising photographs of the land, a dictionary in Innu-French, and conversations that let us imagine we are moving about on the land and hearing the voices of those who live there. The work arose out of a friendship between Anne-Marie Proulx and Mathias Mark, and represents an occasion for listening and dialogue meant to bring cultures closer together despite distance. The words exchanged evoke the close connection between oral expression and memory, language and territory. The title alludes to a camping site on the Pakua Shipu, a river on the Lower North Shore, as well as to the city of Québec, whose name references the narrowing of the river.

Uepishekat, aimiakanu Matiass Mark, itamutakanua tshekuana kie tauat anite akunikanat nutshimit enukuak, aimun-mashinaikan innu-aimun - mishtikushiu-aimun mak ashit petakuan eimitunanut tshe uitshiuet tshetshi itutenanut nete nutshimit mak tshetshi petuakaniht anitshenat enniuht anite assit. Ne tshekuan tutakanipan katshi uitsheuakanitutatuht An-Mani Proulx mak Matiass Mark, ui uapatiniuenanu anite ka natutatunanut, ka aimitunanut tshetshi nishtuapatakaniti ait eshinniunanut at e kataku etananut. Ne aimitunanut ui uapatiniuenanu eshpishinakuak ne aiminanut mak mitunenitshikan, aimun mak assi. Ne eshi-uitakanit, ne matukap anite Pakua-shipit, shipu nete tshiuetinit-mamit, mak ashit Uepishtikueiat, shipu ka upat e uauitakanit.

Tshinashkumitinau Pakuashipinnuat, and most importantly Mathias Mark, Tanya Lalo Penashue, Léna Penashue, Maryssa Penashue Mark mak Mariette Mestenapeo.
Thanks to : Marie-Ève Beaupré and the team of Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Lisanne Nadeau and the team of Galerie des arts visuels de l’Université Laval, Nathalie Le Blanc and the team of Avatar, Craig Rodmore and YYZ, Caroline Gagné, Gentiane La France and Guy Sioui Durand. The photographs were printed at VU, the table was made at l’Œil de Poisson, and frames were made by François Simard.

Photos: Richard-Max Tremblay

with a work by Michael Flomen (left)

with a work by Hannah Claus (right)