Terres éloquentes
In conversation with Mathias Mark
Presented in the exhibition Shore
with Caroline Gagné and Nadia Myre
Organized by Manif d'art with the support of Ikon Gallery
Stryx, Birmingham, UK

For this new presentation of Terres éloquentes (Eloquent land), the works were rearranged for a new space, where the intention was to evoke the feeling of walking in a forest, between the trees, to find a path leading to the tent, in which words are exchanged at the light of a candle.

“Anne-Marie Proulx is heedful of ancestral knowledge and the symbolic heritage of the Innu people from Pakuashipi, on the Lower North Shore of Quebec. Through prolonged exchanges with the Innu community and photographic explorations of the northern landscape, she seeks to re-establish an emotional connection with the land by conceiving it as a living and communicating whole. Terres éloquentes shapes a conceptual representation of the nutshimit (inland) as it is experienced and traveled. Fed by an intimate dialogue with her friend Mathias Mark, her photographs immerse us in the heart of the boreal forest lined with moss and lichen.” – Michelle Drapeau

Prints : VU et Version image plus
Lightbox : L'Œil de Poisson et Mono-lino
Frame : François Simard
Editing of translations : Craig Rodmore
Thanks to Mathias Mark, Sophie Jodoin, Jonathan Watkins, Manif d’art, Ikon Gallery, Stryx and the Canada Council for the Arts.