Les affleurements
Vaste et Vague, Carleton-sur-mer

Affleurements are geologic outcrops that emerge at the surface of earth or water, and are indications of realities that are larger than what is offered to our vision. Like vast territories, which are often little known, and thus imagined in the distance from their histories and realities. In this exhibiton, different perspectives of the Quebec nordic landscape meet, revealing a geography marked by multiple transformations which can be as real as they can be imaginary.

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Prints : VU
Exhibiton devices : L'Œil de Poisson
Frames : François Simard
Thanks to Vaste et Vague, Sébastien Hudon, Céline Béland, Géraldine Martin, Claire Moeder. The artworks were produced with the financial help of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Première Ovation.