Les derniers glaciers
Presented in conjunction with “What does the image stand for?”
Curated by Ami Barak
MOMENTA biennale de l'image
Occurrence, Montréal.

Anne-Marie Proulx takes on the question of landscape by focusing on the relationship between humankind and nature. She consid- ers humans as political individuals, cultural actors, and indigenous subjects. In Nuit des longs jours (2015), shadowy views evoke the confusion that one feels faced with an unknown territory. In Les derniers glaciers (2016), the photographs interlock and are su- perimposed on other images extracted from archival collections related to mining operations in northern Québec. The resulting hybrid objects are unprecedented landscapes that exist only in this body of work. The series Voix du Nitassinan (2016) draws on elements of the Innu language, which are intimately linked to the territory. Coming from this oral-based language, the written words, which are excerpt- ed from a dictionary, become oating clues to a mute story and a visual hearing of ancestral customs and references. - Ami Barak